First Steps Management Team

Sabira Beg


Executive Director

Hi! I'm the Founder & Executive Director here at First Steps. I have 2 boys, 7 year old and 3 year old. I also have 13 nieces and nephews who I take care of frequently. I have worked in daycare for over 7 years. I also worked in the corporate world for over 9 years. After having my son and having to put him in daycare, I saw a lot of things in the center that I was not happy with as a parent. I realized that I was paying a lot of money for care that I was not happy with including unhealthy snacks and meals as well as my child not learning a whole lot but watching TV every day. That's when I decided that it was time for a change, not only for my son, but for a lot of families who felt the way I did. So I went back to school and ventured to open my own center. I have been extremely selective in the staff that I hire as well as the teaching teams that I pair together. As far as my qualifications, I am Lead Teacher certified in Infants, Toddlers & Preschool, Director 2 certified as well as CPR & First Aid. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in International Business & Marketing from Hofstra University, a degree in Management from Northeastern University, as well as multiple early education courses at Fisher College and various other educational institutions.


Judi Hayes

HR Manager Medford HQ

Hi, My name is Judi Limone-Hayes and I am the Human Resources Manager for First Steps. I have been working at First Steps since October, 2013. I started my career in Human Resources in 1994 while obtaining my Masters Degree in Human Resources Development at Suffolk University.


Jodi Geremonte

Director First Steps Medford

Director Medford Center

I'm Jodi and I am the Director of the Medford center. I have been with First Steps since the first day we opened and started out as the preschool teacher. I went on to creating the Pre-K program and heading that as well. Later I worked my way up to Preschool / Pre-K program coordinator, Assistant Director and now Director. I have been working in this field for over 12 years and am Lead Teacher Certified in all age groups as well as Director 2 certified. I am also certified in First Aid & CPR. In my family, I was always known as the baby lady, always keeping the little ones busy at every family function. I love working with children because it is always a new adventure and makes me so happy to see them learn and grow more each day.


Amy Otis

First Steps Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Hello, my name is Amy, I have been with First Steps since we opened, back in January 2008. I’ve been working in Child Care for over 9 years now. I began working in this field as an Assistant teacher while in college and quickly realized that I had found what it was that I was meant to do. I began my career at First Steps as a pre-kindergarten teacher at the Medford Location. I then worked my way up to administration, as the Assistant Director of that location. I am Lead Teacher certified in Infants, Toddlers and Preschool, as well as Director two, First Aid & CPR certified. I have recently taken on the position of Director of Marketing, here at First Steps. This position offers new and exciting challenges for me, all of which I am looking forward to! Children have always been a large part of my life and I couldn’t imagine waking up everyday doing anything different. I feel very fortunate to have found a Center which I truly believe in, am behind whole heartily. The foundation of this Company is it's family oriented roots which I believe is the First Steps difference!